All-American Indian Shootout Schedule

All-American Indian Shootout

Metra Park – First InterState Arena

Billings Montana

December 9, 10, & 11, 2021

Once the games start each day, there is a hour and a half between game start-times.


1:30 Girls Heart Butte vs. 2 Eagle River

3:00 Boys Heart Butte vs. 2 Eagle River

4:30 Girls Box Elder vs. Plenty Coups

6:00 Boys Hays/Lodgepole vs.  Plenty Coups

7:30 Girls Browning vs. Mandaree


9:30 Boys Heart Butte vs. Box Elder

11:00 Girls Heart Butte vs. Hays Lodgepole

12:30 Boys White Shield vs. Hays Lodgepole

2:00 Girls Rocky Boy vs. White Shield

4:30  Boys Rocky Boy vs. Browning

6:00 Girls Hardin vs. Box Elder

7:30 Boys Hardin vs. Hardin JV


9:00 Girls 2 Eagle River vs. White Shield

10:30 Boys Box Elder vs. 2 Eagle River

12:00 Girls Hays Lodgepole vs. Plenty Coups

1:30 Boys White Shield vs. Rocky Boy

3:00 Girls Mandaree vs. Rocky Boy

4:30 Boys Hardin JV vs. Plenty Coups

6:00 Girls Browning vs. Hardin

7:30 Boys Browning vs. Hardin

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