An Alarming Trend in Montana

According to Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen crime has been steadily increasing in the state of Montana.

“We’ve been seeing it for about the last five or six years in the state, crime has just been steadily increasing, but specifically when you look at violent crimes. Violent crime across all categories in Montana have been trending up pretty alarmingly. When you look at aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, homicide, sexual assault, aggravated robberies, they’re all going up.” -Attorney General Knudsen

Attorney General Knudsen continues to explain why crime has been increasing.

“And we know that is directly attributable to the drug problem. I would say on the violent crime side probably more attributable to methamphetamine. People on meth, especially this high-quality meth coming out of Mexico, they’re not in their right mind. They do goofy things. They do dangerous things. They will steal anything, hurt anyone to get their next methamphetamine fix. That really is what we’re seeing, and not just in our urban centers, certainly there, but we’re seeing it just all across the board everywhere in Montana.”-Attorney General Knudsen

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