Art in the Alley is Saturday

(Havre) – Saturday, June 3, from 3 to 7 pm, the Art Alley will be open between the Helmbrecht Photography Building and Crawford Distillery as part of the weekend activities.

Grant Olson, President of the HI Line Arts Council, told New Media Broadcasters of some of the visual displays to be presented.

There’s activities for the kids who come down and paint and do some of that. We’ve had for the past several years, we’ve had kids drawing murals that there’s one on the back side now of cavaliers and then there are other artists being featured downtown, some visual artists that are going to set up and have a space to display their artwork.“-Olson

Olson also spoke of the live musical performance will be heard during the event as well.

Between about three and five in the alley, there’s going to be various different musicians around just playing at different areas of the alley. Then at about five O’ clock we have the Lucky Valentines coming up from Fort Benton, they played last year as well and then following them, there’s going to be Cory Kopps and Matt Springer playing a whole bunch of music. Classic from the nineties.”-Olson

A food truck will be on site, and there will be adult beverages available from the beer and wine garden.

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