Beeter Football at Fort Benton Friday Night

(NMB) The Chinook Sugarbeeter football team is off to a 4 and 0 start this season. Head coach Mike Jones is obviously happy with the results so far, but says they are still trying to develop some depth. “We’re trying to get some kids into some places, be multi faceted and know multiple positions, so, getting those kids ready if and when they have to go into a spot is number one priority right now for us.”


Next up for Chinook is a road game Friday night against the 3 and 1 Fort Benton Longhorns who coach Jones says will present multiple challenges for his team. “They’ve got a strong offensive line. They’re going to run the ball well. It looks like they have some pretty good coverage behind those run defenders. Offensively they’ve shown they can throw, they can run. So, we just need to make sure we take care of what we want to do first which is establish the run game and then defensively we want to make them one dimensional.”


The Chinook at Fort Benton games is scheduled to kick off Friday night at 7pm


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