Bill Lanier talks BSA Co-Ed changes, effects

(Havre) As previously reported by New Media Broadcasters, Cub Scout Sam Malley of Havre troop 4426 sold more popcorn during the troop’s annual popcorn fundraiser than anyone else in the state of Montana.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Bill Lanier, Committee Chair for Havre’s Boy Scout Troops, to ask about how things have changed since BSA became co-ed.

“They each still have their own organizations. But with the Boy Scouts of America, the BSA, which began in 1910, they wanted to allow both genders to be in because so many of the families also had siblings that would attend these things and they would do a lot of the same things but would never get the recognition. So they changed that several years ago, which was nice because we have a lot of siblings like Sam and his sister are now both in scouts BSA units. What used to be referred to as Boy Scouts is now referred to as Scouts BSA Units.”

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