Blaine County Sheriff, Chinook Police Offer Rides Home for Holidays

CHINOOK, Mont. (NMB) – The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office and Chinook Police Department will be offering free rides home over the New Year’s holiday. Blaine County Sheriff’s Lieutenant John Colby says they usually offer rides home if they have officers available, but for New Year’s Eve, they will have an extra officer on duty to help with these calls.

“From New Year’s Eve, along with most nights if we’ve got officers available, we’re welcome to give people rides home. Make sure that they make it home safely if they’ve been drinking. They can contact either the Chinook Police Department at 357-3170, or the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department, 357-3260.”

Colby says they will help people get home no matter where they live in Blaine County.

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