BLM schedules controlled burns in Upper Missouri Breaks

(Northern Fergus County) North Central Montana District fuels program staff are planning a prescribed fire on BLM-managed lands in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monuments within the Middle Two Calf area about 20 miles North of Roy, according to district fire and fuels management officials.

Depending on weather conditions, prescribed fire operations will begin during late-April to mid-May, with active ignition duration anticipated to be 1-2 days, and the fuels team on site about 5-7 days to promote safe operations.

The Two Calf Unit B fuels project will address a 2,526-acre treatment area to help reduce conifer encroachment in meadows and develop a landscape more resilient to wildfires.

Smoke may be visible from surrounding areas during active pile burning and for several days following ignition.

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