Buffalo Return To The Plain

On Tuesday afternoon The Chippewa Cree Tribe held an historic return and release of eleven buffalo to the Rocky Boy Reservation in Box Elder at a welcoming ceremony to reintroduce the generational spiritual symbol to the Plains People and Montana.

The event began with a pipe ceremony and prayers followed by an Invocation, entrance by the colored guard. There was singing, Native dances, and drumming throughout the event. Several buses brought in students from Rocky Boy and Box Elders schools to take part in the historic renewal of the tribes heritage and introduce many student to buffalo for the first time. Many speakers spoke of the need for the future Tribal leaders to feel connected to their culture through the buffalo’s return, including Harlan Baker Chairman of the Chippewa Cree Tribe, Jason Belcourt Rocky Boy Sustainability coordinator, Shannon Clairmont NR CSKT and Melvin Morsette Jr.

Montana House Representative Jonathan Windy Boy says the Buffalo represent Native symbolism the younger generation need to learn about to preserve culture among the Plains People.  Windy Boy continues, “If we don’t take a step back and try to nurture
To try to bring back that essence, teach that to our children, teach that to our grandchildren future generations because
once we’re all gone its going to be up to them to take over. of what what told to us by our elders”

The buffalo were set in a pen in the middle of the field then released once they acclimatized too their pen they were released onto the plain.

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