Bureau of Reclamation Provides Milk River Project Update

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Bureau of Reclamation has provided the August update to the Milk River Project Reservoir and River Operating Plans.

The projections continue to show that the water level in Fresno Reservoir will continue to drop in the coming weeks, and may be 28.4 feet below full pool by the time the month comes to an end, putting it 16.6 feet from dead pool elevation. This is due to increased outflow from the Reservoir in order for irrigation.

Once irrigation season comes to an end, the plan is to fill Fresno back upas  it is expected to rise nearly 12 feet during the month of September and another 3.5 feet in October.

Nelson Reservoir is expected to drop to 14 feet below full pool by the end of the month, putting it just 7.6 feet from dead pool elevation. Nelson is expected to slowly rise in the fall, increasing an estimated 2.6 feet from September 1st through the end of October.

These projections are median inflow conditions.

Unfortunately, drought conditions are persisting throughout the Milk River basin, and temperatures are expected to be above average for much of August, while precipitation amounts are expected to be below normal.

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