Chinook Boys’ Basketball Coach on Loss Last Friday Night

The Chinook boys’ basketball team is coming off of a (60-49) defeat at Choteau on Friday night. New Media Broadcasters spoke with head coach Bill Bell and he said what the team’s outlook was following the game.

“What I saw was the team not performing our offense and setting it up because we went from a stretch with two minutes left to go in the first quarter through the end of the second quarter, which was a total of ten minutes and we scored six points,” Bell said. “That was just not acceptable.”

“We picked it up in the second half and we did better and so we scored more points, but it was just that drought that got us really down,” Bell continued.

The team was led by senior center Jackson Nordboe’s 19 points. Bell praised his big man, but also said that he is capable of doing a lot more on the floor to grow his potential.

“(Nordboe) did good to lead us on the floor (by) scoring points, but we were just expecting more,” Bell said. “Me and my assistant were talking about him needing to lead us in rebounds also because that’s a big part of it, too. If you’re the big man, you’ve got to be not only scoring, but you’ve got to be securing offensive and defensive rebounds.”

The Beeters will be back in action on Friday and Saturday from the Coyote Classic in Shelby. Stay tuned to New Media Broadcasters for a preview story on the opponents.

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