Chinook Community Chest Fund set for May 1st.

(Chinook) The Chinook Community Chest Fund will be hosting their annual fundraising event on May 1st.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Kasie McIntosh, President of the Community Chest, to ask for more information about the drive.

“Wednesday, May 1st at 5:30 we meet at the Girl Scout House in Chinook. Usually everybody that can come to help we just assign different parts of town and go door to door and collect funds to help the local activities. Then, we divide that up amongst the organizations.”

Those interested in donating can call Kasie McIntosh or Keri Hanson.

Kasie McIntosh 406-357-2149 OR 406-357-2210

Keri Hanson 406-357-3573 OR 406-945-8281

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