Chinook Girls’ Basketball Coach on Team’s Win Friday Night

The Chinook girls’ basketball team came up victorious in their season opener at Choteau on Friday night. New Media Broadcasters spoke with Beeters coach Mike Seymour and he said the preparation leading up to the game worked out perfectly in handling their opponent defensively.

“I think we used our athleticism and our quickness and anticipation of what the offense was trying to do and (we) basically just disrupted the timing of everything that Choteau was trying to run offensively,” Seymour said.

Even though his team won by 42 points, there were still some constructive critiques coach Seymour had for his ball club, like shooting 71 times but not necessarily at the clip he would have liked.

“I’m proud of the amount of shots we got up. We should have shot a little bit better field goal percentage, so that is ultimately something we will be talking about this week,” Seymour said. “Anytime you can get up that number of shots, that’s pretty good. (However), we’re going to have to shoot a little better and get better at executing our offense.”

The Lady Beeters have two games in as many days later this week when they are featured in the Coyote Classic in Shelby. Stay tuned to New Media Broadcasters for a preview story on those matchups later this week.

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