Chloe Corner recieves $1,100 donation for Eagle Scout project

(Havre) Chloe Corner of the local Scouts BSA Troop is working towards her Eagle Scout project and recently received one thousand one hundred dollars from the Veterans of Foreign Wars as a result of the Havre Optimist Club’s donation to the VFW.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Corner about what her project is and how she’s accomplishing it.

“My eagle scout project I’m building a veterans memorial at the new VFW park, it’s also known as the New US Bank Park, we’re putting three flag poles up there. It’s behind a cement platform that going to have a 3 brick pillar things, I don’t know exactly what it’s called. The middle one is going to be the tallest. and on the bottom of that platform it’s going to be all six of the emblems for all the branches of the military. All three of my flagpoles are dedicated to people, and we got all of our cement donated”

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