Precincts in:  9 of 9

Final County Canvassing Completed

Voter Turnout: 81% (3,022 out of 3,715)

Precinct with Highest Turnout: Precinct No. 7 (Loma area) with 90.34% (131 of 145)

Precinct with Lowest Turnout: Precinct No. 5 (Rocky Boy) with 45% (238 of 526)

Local Races

Big Sandy Hospital Tax District Mill Levy (only for precincts 7-9, would increase property taxes by approximately $10.97 on a $100,000 valued home)

For: 467

Against: 203

For Public Administrator

Jodie Butler (D): 1,959

Write-In: 107

For District 1 County Commissioner

Rick Darlington (R): 2,495

Write-In: 59

For Clerk of District Court/County Superintendent of Schools/Surveyor

Rick Cook (R): 2,581

Write-In: 48

County Results of State Legislative Races

For State Senator for District 16 (only precinct 5):

Mike Fox (D): 212

Write-In: 2

For State Representative District 27:

Josh J Kassmier (R): 2,350

Write-In: 53

For State Representative District 32 (only precinct 5):

G. Bruce Meyers (R): 27

Jonathan Windy Boy (D): 198

Write-In: 1

County Results of Local District Court Judge Retainment

Shall Judge Kaydee N. Snipes-Ruiz of District 12, Dept. 1 be retained for another term?

Yes: 2,121

No: 467

County Results of Statewide and Federal Races

For President and Vice President

Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris (D): 991

Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (L): 83

Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence (R): 1,891

Write-In: 15

For United States Senator

Steve Bullock (D): 1,179

Steve Daines (R): 1,813

Write-In: 6

For United States Representative

Matt Rosendale (R): 1,820

Kathleen Williams (D): 1,140

Write-In: 4

For Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Lyman Bishop and John Nesper (L): 108

Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner (D): 1,048

Greg Gianforte and Kristen Juras (R): 1,816

Write-In: 5

For Secretary of State

Bryce Bennett (D): 978

Christi Jacobsen (R): 1,912

Write-In: 2

For Attorney General

Raph Graybill (D): 1,027

Austin Knudsen (R): 1,912

Write-In: 3

For State Auditor

Troy Downing (R): 1,838

Shane A Morigeau (D): 927

Roger Roots (L): 136

Write-In: 2

For Superintendent of Public Instruction

Elsie Arntzen (R): 1,632

Kevin Leatherbarrow (L): 114

Melissa Romano (D): 1,187

Write-In: 2

For Supreme Court Justice #5

Mike Black: 882

Laurie McKinnon: 1,653

Shall Montana Supreme Court Justice Jim Shea be retained?

Yes: 2,190

No: 436

Local Results of Statewide Ballot Issues

Constitutional Amendment No. 46

Yes: 1,913

No: 688

Constitutional Amendment No. 47

Yes: 1,823

No: 770

Constitutional Initiative No. 118 (allows legislature to establish legal age for purchasing, consuming, or possessing marijuana)

Yes: 1,533

No: 1,329

Legislative Referendum No. 130 (revises firearms laws to prevent local governments from regulating the carrying of concealed weapons)

Yes: 1,543

No: 1,262

Initiative No. 190 (legalizes possession and use of limited amounts of marijuana for adults over 21-years-old)

Yes: 1,434

No: 1,510