Class “B” All-State Basketball Honors Announced

The Class “B” All-State Basketball Honors have been announced. Congratulations to all award winners.

Tyson Schenk12Fairfield1B
Tate Monroe11Cut Bank1B
Teague Stump11Rocky Boy1B
Wyatt Babb10Glasgow2B
Kelby Bauer12Wolf Point2B
Jared Eggebrecht12Malta2B
Delray Lilley11Poplar2B
Kendall Russel12Lame Deer3B
Cooper O’Connor11Baker3B
Myron Little Light12Lodge Grass3B
Hayden Steffenson11Columbus4B
Parker Cook10Huntley Project4B
Mason Meier11Columbus4B
Callin Fenno11Manhattan5B
Jesus Garcia12Broadwater5B
Ryan Racht12Broadwater5B
Reynolds Johnston10Loyola6B
Ethan Stack10Loyola6B
Pat Duchien12Florence6B
Ben Harlow-Old Person11Arlee6B
Isak Epperly12Bigfork7B
Zoran LaFrombois12St. Ignatius7B
Nick Walker12Bigfork7B
Jesse Claridge12Thompson Falls-7B

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