Day Eagle Hope Project

(Fort Belknap) – With Tescha Hawley the Director of the Day Eagle Hope Project being featured in CNN Top Ten Heroes New Media Broadcasters sat down with her to ask what the Day Eagle Hope Project is.

“So, the Day Eagle Hope Project started in 2017. As I am a Brest cancer survivor, and it was initially started to help women and indigenous people in our community navigate through the health care system. So that’s when it started was back in 2017 and we have since grown from doing healthcare patient navigation to food sovereignty to helping individuals that are struggling with chemical addiction to working with at risk youth and just a whole lot of just connecting people to resources.”

We also asked how the Day Eagle Hope Project started.

“Well, I had already been diagnosed with breast cancer and I’d seen a huge need for patient navigation just because I felt like our world here in Fort Belknap, how we communicate in terms of health care was so different from how the health care world in billings Montana communicates with our people and sometimes I felt like there was such a disconnect and misunderstanding on each other’s part. so, through that is when I’m like we need a patient navigator and that’s how the Eagle hope Project got started.”

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