District Election Officer

Assistant US Attorney John Newman has been announced as the District Election Officer for the District of Montana, according to US Attorney Jesse Laslovich.

Newman will be responsible for overseeing handling election day complaints concerning voter’s rights, any violent threats against election officials or staff, and election fraud. He will be consulting with the Justice Department Headquarters in Washington DC.

During elections, Newman will be on duty for the time the polls are open. The public will be able to reach him by phone at 406 829 3336.

The FBI will have special agents at all field offices to receive any violation reports as well, and locally can be reached at 801 579 1400. Reports can also made directly to the Civil Rights Division in Washington DC toll free at 800 253 3931, or online at www.civilrights.justice.gov.

In the event of violence or attempts at intimidation, call 911 before reaching out to federal authorities. Jurisdiction over polling places is held by local and state police, and usually have faster response time in an emergency.


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