Divisional Wrestling Results

Girls Results

Harley LaBuda (107) of Big Sandy won the championship by fall.

Cyla Adams (114) of Harlem placed second by 4-3 decision.

Emma Kingamann (120) of Chinook placed first via pin.

Madison Lamb of Glasgow won the championship by 6-5 decision.

Ameilia Blackrow (165) of Harlem won the championship by fall.

Micah Juedeman (235) of Harlem placed 2nd by fall.

Harlem Wildcats were top scoring regional team finishing second with 75 points.

Boys Results

Quinn Rodewald (103) of Big Sandy placed 2nd by 11-5 decision.

Khye Gamas (138) won title with 3-2 decision.

Mason Donaldson (170) won title with 5-3 decision.

Tyler Schoen (182) of Chinook won championship with 9-1 decision.

Spencer Gibbs (285) won the championship.

Glasgow were the top scoring regional team finishing 2nd at 188 points.


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