Douglas Stuart Running for Mayor of Harlem

HARLEM, Mont. (NMB) – Douglas Stuart hopes he has what it takes to be Harlem’s next Mayor.

Stuart says his business experience would be put to good use in the new role, saying that goals could be accomplished through public-private partnerships.

“Some of it can come within the community. Some people come in from outside the community. This is how you get people to buy properties, whether it’s old buildings and renovate or fix up homes. You can work with individual people that own the homes and access additional federal funds for them and help them do a lot of things with their homes.”

Stuart says Harlem has done lots of good work underground with water and sewer systems, but there is plenty above ground that needs to be worked on.

“In terms of doing things to improve our downtown districts. Demolish or renovate old buildings. And work with out downtown to try and create new opportunities and create that attitude that suddenly, the town is not really declining anymore…I don’t want to be a Mayor that just continues the mangement of a decline. I would like to be a Mayor that starts to reverse that decline.”

The municipal election is scheduled to conclude on November 2nd.

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