Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen Perseveres Through Pandemic

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Feed My Sheep Community Soup Kitchen has managed to persevere through the pandemic, serving around 19,000 free lunches this calendar year.

Chairman Jerry Williams says that the Kitchen, which is run primarily by volunteers, has had to shift their operations to serve to-go lunches, and has seen a steady flow of people, with around 60 to 70 people picking up meals daily.

“We serve six days a week. For three of the days we do a sack lunch and we serve outside the doors, since we can’t serve people inside because of the coronavirus, and we don’t have the facility to provide social distancing. So for three days a week we did sack lunches, and for two days they have a hot meal, they have a styrofoam box where they put spaghetti or roast beef in a hot lunch that people can have. And some of the people can take them home and microwave them and have a regular meal.”

Williams says they have been able to remain open due to the help of donors and volunteers, but there are some items they are in need of.

“Right now we’re looking at sacks for sack lunches, money to buy the styrofoam boxes. Some of the other things we need are probably dry foods or things that we can prepare. We’re getting lunch meat and areas like that that we can make sandwiches out of and eggs and stuff like that that we can make chicken sandwiches. That’s where the community has helped us considerably.”

Local resident Doris Hanson has filled in as the Supervisor-Coordinator on a temporary basis after Janet Tams moved out of state. They are still looking for a permanent replacement, and are expected to begin conducting interviews in the near future.

The Soup Kitchen is open Monday through Saturday, although they will be closed on Friday for New Year’s. They may also be closed this Saturday if there are not enough volunteers.

For more information, contact the Soup Kitchen at 265-1629.

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