Fight for a Cause

Wesley Killeagle Jr. is promoting fights to spread awareness and raise funds for childhood cancer.

“Yeah, so we have Fight for Our Future 8 coming up April 15th in Glendive, Montana. These are fights that we put on to help raise money and awareness for childhood cancer. All proceeds we send out to Seattle Childrens Cancer Research Center. So, they can find better child friendly treatments for our babies.”-Wesley Killeagle Jr

Wesley continues to explain what makes these fights special.

“This is going to be the first event ever like this at the Toepke Center on the Dodson Community College Campus. They never had an event like this, especially in their new gym so we’re really excited about it. If you can’t make it to it, you can always tune in on Fight TV we’ll be streaming it live on that as well.” -Wesley Killeagle Jr

If you’re interested in attending the fight you can learn more on the Killeagle Promotions Facebook page.

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