Fighting for a Cause

A northern Montana local is promoting fights for a good cause. Wesley Killeagle Jr. of Killeagle promotions explains more.

“We put fights on, in a cage. Put on MMA, boxing, kick boxing, bare knuckle boxing, and we were the first ones in Montana to do bare knuckle MMA. We put these on to try to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer.”-Wesley Killeagle Jr.

He continues to explain the fights he’s working on now.

“I’m trying to work with Dodson Community College in Glendive, just waiting to hear word on if they’re going to let us use their gym. We’re hoping for April. I want to plan one for April in Glendive if not Glendive we’ll go back to Glasglow, we’ve had two in Glasglow last year, but if I can get Glasglow set up in April, I want to do one in Havre again. I got to get a hold of the people with the ice dome. “-Wesley Killeagle Jr.

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