1st Female Montana Army National Guard Armor Officer Assigned to Great Falls Unit

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (NMB) – Second Lieutenant Jenna Schaack recently graduated from the United States Armor School in Fort Benning, Georgia and in doing so, became the first female Armor Officer in the history of the Montana National Guard. Schaack graduated in June and was assigned as a Platoon Leader with C Company in the Combined Arms Battalion in Great Falls.

Historically, women were not allowed to hold positions in combat units. As of 2016, all military occupational specialties are open to women, as per a Secretary of Defense Policy change.

Schaack joined the Reserve Officer Training Corps at Montana State University in 2014 and enlisted in the Montana Army National Guard the following January. She was previously assigned as a Medical Health ROTC cadet, working with Montana Army National Guard Physician Assistants and Nurses.

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