Fort Assiniboine will be part of Living History Day

(Havre) – Living history day takes place in Havre, this Saturday June 3rd. One of the attractions taking part is Fort Assiniboine. Ron Vandenboom, Chairman of the Fort Assiniboine Preservations Association tells New Media Broadcasters about some of the activities they have planned.

First of all, we will be giving tours in our famous Black Jack wagon and that will be at a discount rate for all the guests. We will also have the Havre Black Powder Club with their antique weapons available. Several of the buildings including the guard house, an apartment and the old library, currently our interpretive center will be open for tours.”-Vandenboom


Other activities on Saturday at Fort Assiniboine on Saturday include a free pulled pork lunch, live music, and historical reenactments. All the activities take place from 10am until 3pm on Saturday.

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