Fresno Dam Update

A new modification is being done to Fresno Dam. Steve Darinton explains that modification.

“So, Fresno Dam, we’re doing a dam safety modification, the dam has experienced about seven to ten feet of settlement since construction. So, we evaluate those risks and had concerns with differential settlement cracking. So, we awarded a contract to NW Construction out of Bozeman, Montana for right around $43.6 million to conduct a dam modification to Fresno dam that is supposed to start this spring and continue for the next three years.” -Steve Darinton

Steve continues to explain the disruptions that people can expect during construction of the dam modifications.

“The Tailwater fishing access site directly downstream of the spillway, that fishing access sight will be closed throughout the entirety of the project. There will be access to the river on the north side of the dam and of the river, but the normal fishing access site will be closed during the entirety of the project. Then in year two when we’re doing the spillway tie in, we have to have the reservoir down to 25-55 by August 15th, which will slightly impact operations on a wet year, it will not impact operations on a dry year, and during that same time period, fall of next year, the Crest Road will also be closed.” -Steve Darinton

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