Funding the Lifeguard Group’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

The Gianforte Family Foundation provided substantial financial aid to a compassionate organization.

Tami Hochhalter the co-founder of the Lifeguard Group, a Montana organization that works to eliminate human trafficking as well as rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking, explains the funds received from the Gianforte foundation.

“Our largest donation actually came from the Gianforte Family Foundation, and they heard what we were doing with the safe house, and some people from their foundation came out and took a look around and soon after that we received a check in the mail from their foundation. We have 40 acres, so our mortgage was large, and they paid down our mortgage by half, and so we have only owned that property for two years and we’re halfway to owning it outright. So that was a huge donation for us.”-Tami Hochhalter

Tami continues to explain that despite the Gianforte Family Foundation donation a large portion of their funds come from individual donors.

“A lot of our funds just come from individual people who give 10, 20, 30, 100 dollars and all of those different individuals together has added up to a significant amount. I did some research as we got closer to the end of the year and those donations of $100 or less made up about, I would say a third of all our giving last year.”-Tami Hochhalter

Overall, the funding allows the Lifeguard group to house and rehabilitate human trafficking survivors and spread awareness for human trafficking.

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