FWP Approves Draft EA for Bass Introduction at East Fork Reservoir

HILL COUNTY, Mont. (NMB) – Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has accepted the draft Environmental Assessment for the proposed management action to trap and transfer approximately 100-200 smallmouth bass from Beaver Creek Reservoir and Bearpaw Lake and stock them in East Fork Reservoir.

FWP says no public comments were received during public comment.

FWP Region 6 Supervisor Drew Henry wrote in the decision notice that he is recommending the project proceed.

Prior to any movement and stocking, FWP will conduct fish health assessments to ensure the fish being stocked are disease free and are not carrying pathogens. They will also conduct Aquatic Invasive Species testing to ensure no AIS are present within the donor waters.

It is expected that the fish will be able to naturally reproduce in East Fork Reservoir and a long-term stocking plan will not be required.

The decision stated that there will be no significant impacts on the human and physical environments associated with the introduction.

Information courtesy of FWP

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