Gianforte Recognizes Three Women with Spirit of Montana Award

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NMB) – Earlier this week, Congressman Greg Gianforte gave the Spirit of Montana award to three people that have addressed public health issues on the Fort Peck Reservation.

Gianforte bestowed the award on Elizabeth Rink and Monica Skewes, faculty members of Montana State University, and Adriann Ricker, faculty member of Fort Peck Community College.

All three women were recognized for implementing strategies that address the public health issues on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Through their work alongside members of the Fort Peck community, they are molding together new trauma-informed policies for the reservation agencies in the area.

Greg Gianforte says “their goal is to equip Fort Peck’s leaders with data that can guide their policymaking. Their research supports a more compassionate, community-centered approach to address the long-term needs of those seeking help.”

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