Harlem to host PACT Act event in May.

(Harlem) The town of Harlem will be hosting the second of the Great Plains VA’s Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, or PACT Act, events.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Jamie Fox, a veteran who was affected by toxic materials during her service in the military and a subsequent beneficiary of the PACT Act, to ask about the upcoming event.

“It is starting to get awareness especially with this PACT Act event coming in Fort Belknap on May 7th, I think a lot of veterans should really read into it more; all the presumptive conditions. It doesn’t matter if you were a combat veteran or non combat veteran, you should go see and file for any claims that you think is contributing to your health conditions.”

This PACT Act registration event will be in the Harlem Bingo Hall on May 7th from 9am to 4pm. This is open to all veterans and is NOT restricted to natives.

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