Havre City Council Levied Taxes for Fiscal Year 2020

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – On Monday night, Havre’s City Council met for their regular meeting and passed several resolutions levying and assessing taxes within the City.

The Council also approved the changes made during the last meeting regarding how to fill vacant City Council seats between elections on first reading.

They passed four resolutions setting taxes for the next fiscal year. The taxes for maintaining street lights went up slightly to $1.43 per lot per year to accommodate for a proposed rate increase by NorthWestern Energy. The tax for maintaining the streets went up the most, to $10.34 per year. This increase is to help the City buy more materials and a new grader. The tax for maintaining the Bullhook went down slightly from last year to $1.54, as they had excess cash from an incomplete project. The final tax they levied was for the solid waste services, which is also down slightly to $3.80 as they had another cash surplus from over estimating the taxes last year. All of these numbers are based on a corner lot 50 by 140 feet.

The Council will discuss the budget for fiscal year 2020 at the next meeting on September 3rd and 4th.

They also voted against allowing a street closure in a residential neighborhood for an auction on September 7th. The Council usually doesn’t grant street closures for private events like this, especially in a residential neighborhood. They were worried about setting a poor precedent and whether or not the neighbors were ok with the street closure. Bob Sivertsen, who requested the street closure, was not at the meeting to address the Council.

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