Havre Elementary Schools to Return to 5-Days-A-Week of In-Person Learning Later this Month

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Havre School Board held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night and voted to move the elementary schools to five-days-a-week of in-person learning beginning on Monday, April 26th.

The motion approving Superintendent Craig Mueller’s recommendations was passed by a 6-2 vote, with Garrit Ophus and Tim Scheele dissenting.

One member of the public spoke on the motion and was in opposition, saying that Fridays have been beneficial as remote learning days for elementary students and that this adjustment will put another burden on staff.

Mueller cited the value of additional in-person learning days, adding that it will help the transition to five-days-a-week of in-person learning next year.

Students currently in all remote learning will remain in that format for the remainder of the school year.

The Middle and High School will remain in the current four-days-a-week of in-person learning model, and Friday’s will continue to be used to serve remote learners.

Other action taken at the meeting:

  • Approval of updating a District Policy to continue the mask requirement on District property for the remainder of the school year, but to decrease social distancing requirements from 6-feet to 3-feet, in accordance with updated CDC guidelines.
  • The three-year contract for interim Craig Mueller to continue as Superintendent on a full-time basis was approved
  • Approval of updating the Code of Ethics for the School Board on second reading. This clarifies language from the previous policy that was adopted in 2005
  • Approval to continue allowing North Star District to cross boundaries into the Havre District for the purpose of picking up High School students. The pick up location is six miles west of Havre
  • Approval on first reading of a revision to a District Policy that requires some potential employees (custodial, maintenance, and bus drivers) to take a pre-employment physical examination
  • Approval on first reading of updated policies to ensure the District is in compliance with new Title IX sexual harassment regulations
  • Approval on first reading of a policy revision on first reading that explicitly prohibits student academic misconduct
  • Approval on first reading of a District Policy to include a new provision to “ensure consistency with laws governing homeless students and compliance with court orders.”
  • Approval on first reading of to comply with new auditing requirements of the Montana Department of Justice. This is related to new FBI guidance for processing fingerprints and confidential criminal justice information
  • Approval of policy revisions on first reading to include new language to comply with a portion of Montana Code Annotated  that outlines steps to help educate school officials about child sexual abuse and human trafficking
  • Approval on first reading of a policy revision that requires bus drivers undergo drug and alcohol testing
  • Approval on first reading of a policy revision “addressing updated guidance regarding situations when both spouses are employees of the district” when it comes to FMLA
  • Approval on first reading of new policies to assist the district with “requirements that Title I funds are only used to supplement and not supplant state and local funds.”
  • Approval on first reading of a New District Policy that “explains personalized learning and defines transformational learning.” Mueller says it will allow for flexibility and efficiency in planning alternative instruction for students and ensure quality of educational opportunity for each student.
  • Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding between Havre Public Schools and Havre Education Association. This will allow for a committee to move forward with establishing a school district calendar for 2021-22 and to discuss alternative and flexible calendars for future school years. This includes research into the interest and feasibility of a 4-day school week that could be initiated as soon as 2022-23. The Board of Trustees will receive a report by February 8th, 2022.
  • Approval of an insurance renewal for 2021-22. There is no increase from the previous year and the plans for health insurance from the Montana Unified School Trust (MUST) remain the same.
  • Several student athletes with girls basketball, boys wrestling, and swimming were recognized for their outstanding achievement

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