Havre Food Bank Distributed 38 Christmas Food Boxes this Year

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Havre’s Food Bank distributed over 1,200 pounds of food with their Christmas Food Boxes this year. Food Bank Manager Sammantha Nimmick says she hasn’t figured the total yet of all the donations they took in this month, but she says that they are pretty well stocked, and have received extra bread and desert items to distribute.

“We did a total of 38 boxes for 1,227 pounds of food. It seems a tad lower than last year, but we did do some bigger families this year. We had two families of seven, one family of eight, and one family of nine.”

Nimmick says that they have received donations from a few local entities, but the total amount of food hasn’t been calculated yet.

“Fifth Avenue Christian Church did a program on giving with their kids each Sunday during the month of December. And, so they donated that. We also received donations from St. Jude and Highland Park schools, which was wonderful of them to do for us.”

Nimmick says that in January and February, they hope to give out more hams and turkeys to families that didn’t receive one at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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