Havre Man Accused of Burning Dog to Death, Assaulting Father

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – A Havre man is facing three felony charges based on accusations that he burned a dog to death and assaulted his father.

Raven Ray Wolfgang Lanier, 23, has been charged with the felonies of aggravated animal cruelty, possession of explosives and assault with a weapon. He is also charged with misdemeanor partner or family member assault (1st offense).

According to court documents, on the afternoon of March 10th, law enforcement received a report that a dog had been intentionally burned and was in critical condition.

Officers arrived at the scene and observed a container of lighter fluid in the dining room and the burned dog in a bathtub. The dog was barely breathing and died a short time later.

Raven Lanier’s brother told authorities that Raven had threatened to kill the dog previously because it had defecated in his bedroom. He told authorities that he had left the dog out at lunch time, and by the time he returned home, the dog was burned in the bathtub, with Raven Lanier nowhere to be found.

Raven Lanier was located by authorities later that afternoon and stated that he had been working in Chinook during the time of the incident. However, court documents say he was unable to verify that claim.

Authorities seized the lighter fluid and claim that the fingerprint and black soot on the container matched what was observed on Raven’s palms.

The day prior, court documents state that Raven Lanier is accused of grabbing his father’s arm and threatening to stab him in the jugular. Raven is alleged to have been holding a 5-6″ steak knife with a serrated blade.

Lanier’s arraignment is set for March 29th in Hill County District Court. He remains in the Hill County Detention Center on a total bond of $100,000.


  1. What an evil cruel person he should be put away and punished to the full extent of the law! He doesn’t deserve to be free to harm anyone or another poor defenseless animal!!!

    • Raven is sick and yes I agree he n.v weds to be held accountable for his actions.But he also needs psychiatric help. He was diagnosed with ADD,ODD,bi-polar, schizophrenia, Aspergers Syndrome, Autism, PTSD,and traumatic brain injury.All psychiatric doctors in Havre have refused to see him even though the judge required it last time but because they refused he was let out of jail without being seen. I have tried getting help for my son since he was 2 years old but to no avail.My son needs real help.

  2. How horrible of a person who would do such a cruel thing to a live animal because of a bodily function! Would he punish a child with a dirty diaper with the same warped thought process and action? He should have to feel the same pain that poor dog had to endure! I hope and pray this dog did not suffer long and is in a better place…

  3. Mental illness and drugs like meth do not mix. Not an excuse but fact.
    Do not judge, yes what happened is horrific. He needs help NOT punishment!

    • a drug is not going to “Make”, you evil-not like that. You’d have to have that type of a seed, in you, to become capable, of such gruesome and extreme cruelty. I can’t believe that he will ever go back to being better than that. He’ll at least (!), always have the aptitude, to inflict that level of Cruelty- after having done such a thing !!!

  4. Sometimes Abortion could solve the worlds problem with warped people…their upbringing has alot to do with the perceptions of life and choices made poorly or successfully…Way too manypeople with Mental disfunction have kids that dont get to relize a “Normal” healthy childhood!

    • I am is his Mother and neither his Father nor I have a “mental disfunction”.Your comment is ignorant.He was born with a disability and what needs to change is the mental health care system.

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