Havre Man Denies Allegations of Witness Tampering, Violating No-Contact Order

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – A Havre man has pleaded not guilty to the felony charges of witness tampering and violation of a no-contact order.

Anthony Dominick Harkins, 38, was arraigned on Monday in Hill County District Court.

According to court documents, Harkins was arrested by Havre Police on February 7th on suspicion of committing Partner or Family Member Assault.

Harkins was sent to the Hill County Detention Center and served with a 72-hour no contact order against the woman he allegedly assaulted. Harkins acknowledged receipt of the order and said he understood it.

The next day, court records state that Harkins called the woman on the phone at least 18 times. According to the affidavit, during almost all 18 calls, Harkins instructed the woman to tell Havre City Court Judge Janie Hedstrom or other authorities to dismiss the case. In at least one of the calls, court documents allege that Harkins coached the woman on what not to say when she spoke to Child Protective Services about a pending investigation.

Before the hearing concluded, the Court allowed the defendant to be released on his own recognizance once GPS monitoring is in place. Harkins will not be allowed to contact the victim in any manner. Harkins was still listed on the Hill County Detention Center roster as recently as March 3rd and still has a $10,000 bond for the assault charge.

Harkins is also facing the potential revocation of a suspended sentence in a separate case. In March 2020, Harkins was given a one year suspended sentence with the Hill County Detention Center after pleading guilty to the misdemeanors of fleeing from or eluding a Peace Officer and Stop Sign violation. As per the terms of the agreement, four other charges, including felony criminal endangerment, were dismissed at sentencing. Harkins denied the violations at a hearing on Monday, and an evidentiary hearing has been set for March 15th.


  1. This is vary sad I wish ppl would not judge ppl off there past Anthony Harkins is a good dad and person once you get to know him and he dose not have a woman in his life it these woman who mess him up and his family loves him and misses him and his kid love him too and ppl need to know that he has kid on the internet who see the post that ppl put on their like e one who said he need to rot in jail well I will pray for u Bc that’s not nice and y’all act like brandy Stadiham how ever u spell that last name y’all think she did nothing wrong but she is just as guilty and I will pray for all of y’all good night

  2. Alright then miss Destiny the people have a question to ask. Why was CPS called. Why would they need to cover up a story. What really happened. What did they do to them kids. Especially my son kaelyb

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