Havre Ordinance Committee Discusses Putting Charter Referendum on November Ballot

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Following Monday night’s Havre City Council meeting, the Havre Ordinance Committee met to discuss the possibility of putting a referendum on the November ballot to make Havre a charter government, which would allow the city to have self-governing powers.

The committee said there would be no downside to creating a charter, and unlike other Montana cities with charters, they would not necessarily need to have a city manager.

Although similar previous ballot referendums in Havre have failed, the committee says this version would be simpler, and a larger turnout for the November election could mean that it has a strong chance of passing.

Before a referendum can be put on the ballot, it must go through a legal review. The deadline to put a referendum on the November ballot is August 10th.

If there does end up being a referendum on the ballot, the city says they plan on educating the public this fall so they will be informed before casting their vote on this important issue.

The Ordinance Committee will meet again on June 15th at 7 PM to continue discussions.

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