Havre Softball See’s the Sunlight

The Havre Blue Ponies Softball Team finally made their way outside for their first outdoors practice of the season. Previously the Blue Ponies have been practicing indoors since the beginning of their season due to the Montana weather.

Head Coach Tony Vigliotti sat down and spoke about what it was like for his team to finally hit the outdoors:

Well, you know we got a little warmer weather. Our field isn’t quite ready yet, but thanks to Head Coach Jerome Souers and their athletic director we were able to get out to Tillman Field for a normal softball practice. It was great.” – Vigliotti

The Blue Ponies scheduled games this weekend has also been postponed, coming after previous weekends games were also postponed due to the weather. Coach Vigliotti talks about what his team is focusing on with this extended delay before seeing live game action:

We continue to work on the fundamentals. Being inside for now and getting outside more coming up. Being outside we were able to go over some situations, bunt coverages and such. The weather is what it is, but when we get out there our girls will be ready.”  – Vigliotti

The Blue Ponies are scheduled for the first game action of the season next Thursday & Friday in Lewistown.


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