Havre Softball Using Latest Results for Fuel on Road Trip

The Havre softball team is coming off of a tournament in Lewistown where they played three of the top teams in Class ‘A’ from a season ago and went (1-3) over the course of the weekend. The Blue Ponies then got back on track with a (10-0) shutout of Glasgow on Tuesday.

Head coach Tony Vigliotti shared with New Media Broadcasters a specific instance in one of the tournament games against Columbia Falls where he saw what his team was capable of in the face of adversity.

“We competed well with Laurel (and) competed well with Columbia Falls. Those were (both 11-6) games,” Vigliotti said. “In the Columbia Falls game, we were down (7-0). What I liked about that is there was no quit.”

“We fought, but I think it was an opportunity for our younger squad to learn some things and see what type of high-level competition was like and where we need to go,” Vigliotti continued.

Next up for the Havre softball team is a trip to Sidney take on the Golden Eagles and Glendive Red Devils. Vigliotti said the team is used to traveling being from this part of the state and offered some important context to why it is worth it to go down there this weekend.

“We’re going to continue to practice hard. We’re going to continue to work on what we need to work on,” Vigliotti said.

“They’re long road trips, but for the Havre Blue Ponies, we travel well,” Vigliotti continued. “Road trips are no big deal, whether you’re playing softball, basketball, volleyball (, etc.). To play somebody, we have to go a long way, so we’re used to that.”

“(Sidney and Dawson County are) conference opponents, so they’re important games for us,” Vigliotti said.

The Havre softball team has a change. The game with Sidney has now been moved to Saturday at 1pm, while the Glendive game will take place at 3pm. Both games will be played in Sidney. Make sure to go to HiLineToday.com for results from each matchup.

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