Havre Wrestling Begins Practices

The Havre wrestling program has been back in action of late, practicing twice last week. Coach Beau Lasalle spoke with New Media Broadcasters and detailed what his findings were this early on.

“It went well,” Lasalle said. “We got a good turnout. Lot of quality kids back. Just getting rolling and excited about the season moving forward, but overall, a good first couple days of practice.”

Lasalle has the undertaking of managing both the boys’ and girls’ programs at Havre. He spoke to how that dynamic plays out during the season and leading up to tournament time.

“We run practices together,” Lasalle said. “When we get to tournaments, Montana’s done a pretty good job of having a girls’ division at all the tournaments we go to so we’re not necessarily having to split travel.”

“Some assistant coaches jump in and help out and step up when we need them to,” Lasalle continued.

Havre is a big wrestling town with the high school’s success on the mat and the legacy of MSU-Northern’s program. Coach Lasalle evolved a girls’ program from scratch during the pandemic. He explained the challenges and how gratifying it has been to be in the position.

“It’s been fun,” Lasalle said. “At first, (it was) a little challenging navigating how we were going to do it.”

“We’ve had some success,” Lasalle continued. “The (wrestlers) do a good job of promoting it themselves to the other girls around. (They) help them navigate through and become better wrestlers.”

Stay tuned for a preview story on the wrestling program as they gear up for their first meet in a couple of weeks.

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