Havre’s New Downtown Master Plan

The city of Havre is working to ensure optimal future development. High Plains Architects have been hired to observe Havre’s downtown and make improvement suggestions in a Downtown Master Plan.

Randy Hafer, the president of High Plains Architects gives more detail about Havre’s Downtown Master Plan.

“So, we were hired by the community to take a look at downtown in Havre. The intention was it is a comprehensive look at downtown, at the streets, at the buildings, at the flow of traffic, flow of pedestrian traffic, mix of activities, housing, wayfinding, all those kinds of things. Our task is then to assess that information and make recommendations for how to improve things.”-Randy Hafer

Randy continues to explain what’s next for implementing the Downtown Master Plan.

“Right now, we’re very close to having this go to City Council for adoption, and what that means, when there’s a plan that’s adopted by the city it becomes an official document that can help with things like grants that might want to be pursued to help fund some of these things.”-Randy Hafer

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