Helping Dogs and Kids

The Paws of Chinook animal shelter is finding ways to prepare future generations of dog owners, and simultaneously find dogs currently in the shelter permanent loving homes.

Alissa Hewitt the director of Paws of Chinook explains more.

“At the end of the school year our local elementary school sends first and second graders down and they just hang out with dogs. Last year they wrote articles trying to get them adopted. So, they wrote articles in the paper, and the kids learn a lot about how dogs end up at the shelter. They learn a lot about how to keep a dog out of the shelter.”-Alissa Hewitt

Alissa continues to explain that anyone is welcome in the shelter, even if you don’t plan on adopting a dog.

“So, we really do invite people that maybe can’t adopt a dog, just come out and spend a little time with ours cause it’s really beneficial for you and for them.” -Alissa Hewitt


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