High Schoolers Learn about Unity within the Havre Community

The Havre Chamber is working on a program to enhance real world understanding as well as develop leadership skills for high school students.

Jessica Fagerbakke the Chamber Director explains more.

“We’re in the middle of Leadership High School. So, every year the Chamber host Leadership High School. It’s for high school juniors, and we work with them for six months. We take the students one day a month for six months and we take them around to different businesses and organizations and teach them about our community and career opportunities within our community and help develop their leadership skills through meeting with all these different organizations and presentations that they’re given, and then in March we have job shadows and a graduation for them.”-Jessica Fagerbakke

Jessica continues to explain the unique ways in which the program benefits the community.

“It allows the student to connect and network with our community and learn about career opportunities that are right here in Havre so that we keep our talent local, and it allows them to connect how organizations support our community and how really there is a lot of unity within our community and the organizations and without all of the organizations giving back to our community we wouldn’t have all of the events and attractions that we do have here in Havre.” -Jessica Fagerbakke

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