Hill County emergency mills funding will be matched by either state or federal funds, says commissioner Mark Peterson.

(Havre) The Hill County Commissioners announced last week that they were making the decision to upgrade the declaration of emergency in Hill County to a declaration of disaster, after the flooding earlier this year prompted increased involvement in affected areas by Governor Greg Gianforte.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Hill County Commissioner Mark Peterson to get information on the tax burden and how it’ll affect those in Hill County.

“We also have to levy a two-mill emergency levy. So, those two mills will be calculated off of the road taxes. So those two mills would amount to about $61,000. What these two mills will be used for will be to match state or federal dollars depending on where this declaration ends up going.”

Peterson says this match is a 75% match on the state side, meaning that this 60,000 will turn into 240,000 if it’s the state that picks it up. Peterson explained that he cannot give a number on the match percentage in the event of a federal contribution because he isn’t familiar with it.

After this money is collected, any remaining funds, if any, will be put into a separate fund that can only be spent on disasters, according to Peterson. This means that if another disaster happens and the damages are non-costly enough, the left-over funds here could eliminate the need for another emergency mill levy.

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