Hill County Park Board Holds Monthly Meeting

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Hill County Park Board convened on Monday evening for their regular monthly meeting.

The Board announced that at their next monthly meeting, they will be voting on whether to approve the draft beaver management document that was crafted by the Rules and Regulations Committee.

The draft calls trapping of beavers a “necessary management” tool that can be utilized at the Superintendent’s discretion, but adds that alternative methods of  managing beavers can be utilized with the approval of the Park Board.

Also at the meeting, the Board tabled a vote to approve authorizing the use of funds to begin building the cattleguard for the South Cross Fence. The tabling was due to a lack of an exact price for the project and confusion over the process for how the County would go about paying employees at the Road Department for this project. This project will not be ready for this year’s cattle grazing season. When the cattle guard is installed, a detour along the Beaver Creek Highway will need to be put in place for several days, likely leading to additional costs for signage rentals.

Once completed, the fence will split the roughly 3,300 acre south pasture of Beaver Creek Park into two to allow for more even grazing of the area. It is being paid for by ranchers through their Land Management Fund.

Also at the meeting, cabin owner Lou Hagener, a certified professional in rangeland management, presented a monitoring update. He says conditions are variable throughout the park but production is well below normal. He added that he was disappointed the issue of looking into causal factors regarding monitoring was not put onto the agenda for this meeting. The Board said they will put it on the agenda for their September meeting.

Before the meeting adjourned, Chair Tony Reum emphasized the importance of vehicles not parking in grassy areas, as that presents a fire danger, especially during the ongoing drought.

Other items discussed at the meeting:

  • The County is continuing their search for an Administrative Assistant for the Park after one candidate turned down the job offer and another candidate revoked their application. They have two applicants for the Deputy Warden position, with interviews expected this week.
  • The Park recently received a donation to help pay for a new outhouse after one was destroyed in a wind storm.
  • The Board urges people to make sure to contain their garbage at the Park to prevent damaging the environment

The next Park Board meeting is scheduled for 5:30 PM on Monday, September 13th in the Timmons Room of the Hill County Courthouse.

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