House Judiciary Committee Hears Bills Restricting Transgender Youth

HELENA (UM Legislative News Service)- Lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee heard more than four hours of at times emotionally charged public testimony Monday on two bills that would limit how transgender youth access healthcare or participate in sports.

Rep. John Fuller, R-Kalispell, sponsored House Bills 112 and 113. HB 112 would prevent trangender women and girls from competing in women’s sports. HB 113 would prevent doctors from providing gender-affirming healthcare to minors.

Fuller said although the bills he sponsored are controversial, all sides of the argument stand on some common ground.

“Each and every one of us that has testified here today, or has sat here today, desires that our children be given the best possible care,” Fuller said.

SK Rossi spoke on behalf of the cities of Bozeman and Missoula, and said the bills were an overreach of the government.

“These bills are divisive,” Rossi said “They’re cruel, and Missoula and Bozeman will not stand by while our residents, especially our kids, are put in the crosshair of state policy.”

The committee is expected to vote on the bills Friday.

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