HPSEF Awards Scholarships

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Havre Public Schools Education Foundation presented scholarships Thursday, May 12th to students during a ceremony at the Havre High School.

The foundation, which manages and administers scholarships provided by donors and supporters, presented 30 scholarships this year totaling $46,790 to graduating seniors of Havre High School. Executive Director, Amanda Meyer said, “The Foundation is very proud to award these scholarships to such deserving students. We wish them all the best in the next chapter of their lives.” The following is a list of the scholarships and recipients.

Alfred & Catherine Bradbury Memorial, $1000, Mary Gibson

HHS Blewett Best Student/Wrestling, $500, Riley Pleninger

Statewide Blewett Best Student/Wrestling, $1000, Orion Thivierge

Havre High Class of 1972, $1250, Mary Gibson

Dr. James & Kay Elliott Memorial, $1000, Audrina Williams

Dr. James & Kay Elliott Memorial, $1000, Caleb Spangler

Humanitarian Scholarship by Jeff Dibblee, $500, Grace Crantz

Havre High Class of 1970, $1000, Keylee Kline

Friends of Music, $500, Riley Klein

Friends of Music, $500, Jared Rosgraad

Friends of Music, $500, Audrina Williams

Howard & Sally Miller Memorial, $500, Theron Peterson

Wells Lamey Blue Pony Pride, $500, Kendall Pleninger

Wells Lamey Blue Pony Pride, $500, Riley Pleninger

PEO Chapter AZ Scholarship, $500, Emery Davidson

PEO Chapter AZ Scholarship, $500, Carley Wertheimer

Dennis & Gladys Bymaster, $2000, Mary Gibson

  1. Lowell & Vivian D. Purdy Memorial, $750, Madison Bachmeier

Natalie Patrick Memorial, $1000, Riley Klein

Natalie Patrick Memorial, $1000, Audrina Williams

Natalie Patrick Memorial, $1000, Madison Bachmeier

Sue Swan Community Service, $750, Grace Crantz

Dr. David & Gloria Almas Memorial, $1000, Trenton Maloughney

Wayne Thurston Memorial, $2000, Mary Gibson

American Legion Riders Post 11, $500, Marissa Ratliff

American Legion Riders Post 11, $500, Amber Coleman

Connie Peterson Memorial, $800, Savannah Stewart

Ron Kologi & Doug Hyke Memorial, $2000, Amber Coleman

Tillie Patterson Foundation Memorial, $11,120, Keylee Kline

Tillie Patterson Foundation Memorial, $11,120, Jared Rosgaard


For more information about starting a scholarship, please contact Executive Director, Amanda Meyer at hpseducationfoundation@gmail.com or 406-395-8550. The Havre Public Schools Education Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to encourage and support excellence in education by raising, accumulating and disbursing funds to improve, enhance and support the educational opportunities for the students of Havre Public Schools.

Courtesy of HPSEF

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