Judicial Nomination Commission Forwards 3 Candidates to Governor

On Friday morning, the Judicial Nomination Commission interviewed four candidates seeking appointment to the 12th Judicial District Judge’s seat.

The seven member commission met in the Hill County Courthouse to interview Stephen Gannon, Randy Randolph, Thomas Sheehy and Kaydee Snipes Ruiz. Each candidate addressed the commission before they asked questions of the candidates. Some questions that were asked of each candidate was if they felt like court judgments were being made in a reasonable amount of time and how they would make sure that cases get resolved quickly.

After the interviews, the Commission deliberated and forwarded three of the four candidates to Governor Bullock for appointment. Randy Randolph, Kaydee Snipes Ruiz, and Thomas Sheehy will be considered by the Governor for appointment to serve for two years. An election will be held in 2020 to determine who will serve the rest of the 6 year term.

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