Kim Hansen Running for Mayor of Harlem

HARLEM, Mont. (NMB) – Kim Hansen is hoping to be the Mayor of Harlem for a second time.

Hansen says he is a community-minded individual that loves to serve constituents.

“I always like to be part of the solution and never part of the problem. I have quite a bit of experience with government. I’ve been in the Montana State Senate. I’ve been in local government. I’ve been a City Council member for four years and past Mayor for two.”

Hansen says one issue he would like to deal with is completing several projects that are in the works.

“We’re putting in a new drinking water system. And Harlem is making good water now, but we can’t meet the specs of the state specs for purity. So we decided to do a new drinking water project, and we’ve teamed up with Bear Paw (Development).”

The municipal election is scheduled to conclude on November 2nd.

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