Laugh N Learn Childcare Discusses Governor Bullock’s Childcare Directive

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Governor Steve Bullock issued a directive Wednesday, April 1 that provides further information to childcare facilities during COVID-19.

In Fort Benton, Laugh N Learn Childcare Owner Kassidy Alvalle said, with the new directive, they have limited the capacity of childcare centers to 24 children per facility and are requiring them to prioritize essential workers first.

“They would like you to prioritize care for essential workers first. So, if you’re limited on your spots and it’s just a kid coming cause their parents want to send them for socialization and if you only have a spot between, you know, a kid just coming and an essential worker, you need to give it to the essential worker.”

Alvalle said their facility is following CDC guidelines and they are taking further precautions to prevent anyone sick from coming into their home at this time.

“So, obviously we are doing visual checks and we can take the temperatures at the door. Obviously extra hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing and more bleaching and Lysol-ing toys and, you know, the normal schedule. We just kind of twerked up our ruling for kids, you know, being sick, cause it’s in my home and I personally have a son who has congenital heart defects.”

Alvalle stated that Laugh N Learn Childcare is on Family Connections essential emergency childcare list. So, essential personnel from other areas of Montana can now be sent to them for their childcare needs during this pandemic.

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