Lights Wrestling Results – Spokane Open

The MSU-Northern Lights wrestling team was in Washington on Sunday for the Spokane Open. Here are some notable results for the individual weight classes:

At 157 pounds, freshman Justin Windauer had three matches won by fall and won by decision twice to take first place overall. His Lights counterpart, junior Ryan Graves, came in fourth place in the 157 pound weight class.

At 174 pounds, redshirt senior NaKoda Siegel had a three-match technical fall streak, followed by a major decision and a decision. Those results earned him first place overall in that weight class.

Redshirt senior Carl Hansen placed second overall for the 197-pound weight class. Sophomore Austin Vanek and redshirt freshman Cade Gubler shared third and fourth place in the 184-pound weight class. At 165 pounds, redshirt junior Devin Crawford earned a third place finish.

The Lights also had three wresters place fourth in their respective weight classes: redshirt freshman Leo Anderson at 125 pounds, redshirt senior Brennon McDermott at 133 pounds, and redshirt sophomore Shane Mattson at 285 pounds.

The Lights have Thanksgiving week off and will then be in Great Falls for two events next week: the Argo Duals one week from Friday and the Battle of the Rockies one week from Saturday.

Complete Recap via

125-Kolten Powers won his first match to Luis Barajas by a tech fall 16-1. He dominated his next match against D. Coles to major decision 12-4. Powers lost to K. Johnson by a major decision 17-6. He lost his next match to T. Turner by a close decision 9-6.

125-4th PlaceLeo Anderson won by a fall 1:31 to Sayed Amanzad. Anderson won the next two matches by a fall 1:35 to J. Myers and M. Marum. He lost the next match by a decision 10-6 to E. Cater. He beat T. Turner by a NC. He lost his next match to K. Johnson by a fall 5:08.

133-4th PlaceBrennon McDermott won his first match to K. Messmer by a fall 4:13. He beat Z. Lopez by a decision 4-1. He lost his next match to A. Go by a decision 10-7. McDermott won on a forfeit to I. Peak. He lost in a close decision 4-2 to K. McBrayer.

149-Georgino Moraga won his first match by a fall 2:57 to Emanuel Coronel. He won his next match by a fall 3:50 to T. Hutchinson. Moraga lost to L. Van Orden by a tech fall 19-4. J. Vladic beat Moraga by a tech fall 18-2.

157-1st PlaceJustin Windauer won his first match to Cesar Veliz by a fall 2:53. He goes on to beat H. Abdi by a tech fall 15-0. He dominated M. Collins by a major decision 12-3. Windauer beat H. Kemper by a major decision to push into the championship round. He beat M. Helgert by a fall 2:59 to take first place.

157-4th Place-Ryan Graves won by a tech fall 22-5 to G. Castillo. He lost his next match to M. Helgert by a dicision 12-8. He dominated his next match against K. McMullin by a fall 2:32. Graves won S. Dawkins by a decision 7-0. He won by a tech fall to H. Kemper. He lost his final match by a close decision 8-7 to M. Collins.

157- Cale Ibach won his first match to R. Ohlrich by a tech fall 17-0. He lost to D. Swanson by a decision 3-1. He lost his next match by a fall 3:48 to S. Dawkins.

165-Jonah Eriksen lost Gabe Lake by a major decision 10-1. He beat A. Thomas by a tech fall 21-0. He lost his next match to a O. Sobomehin by a fall :52.

165-Ameron Bretz lost to Olajuwon Sobomehin by a fall 1:40. Bretz lost to R. Shepard by a fall 6:14.

165-3rd Place– Devin Crawford beat L. Lucas in the first round by a tech fall 24-5. He won against H. Meinzen by a decision 4-2. He lost his next round by a fall to E. McEwen. Crawford moved on by a medical forfeit. He beat H. Meinzen again by a NC to take third place.

174-Reece White won by a fall against V. Doreen. He lost his next match to L. Patracek by a tech fall 19-3. He lost to L. Massie by a tech fall 15-0.

174-1st Place-Nakoda Siegel dominated his first match by a tech fall 16-1 to Monte Sandling. He won the next two matches by tech falls to A. Zinn and C. Youso. Siegel won by a major decision to H. Hobbs. He goes on to beat L. Petracek by a decision 10-3 to take first place.

184- Co. 3rd/4th placeCade Gubler beat J. Lougen by a major decision 12-3. He beat J. Schmidt by a fall 4:06. Gubler lost C. Werner by a decision 4-2. He beat K. Swanson by a fall 1:59.

184-Co. 3rd/4th placeAustin Vanek beat E. Ensrud by a fall 2:58. He won his next match by a fall to Q. Wilson. He lost to N. Poe-Hatten by a sudden victory 8-5. Vanek beat C. Loveless by a major decision 14-2.

197- 2nd PlaceCarl Hansen beat Gabe Vasa by a decision 9-6. He won by a fall 4:13 to E. Carlsson. Hansen beat L. Swanson by a close decision 2-1. He lost in the championship round to K. Bennie by a decision 14-8.

285-4th PlaceShane Mattson beat Will Willsey by a fall 5:00. He won by another fall 2:07 to T. Takafua. He lost to E. DeRoche by a decision 4-0. Mattson beat G. Walker by a fall 4:58. He continues to win by a decision 1-0 to R. Clark III. He won in a sudden victory 4-1 to Hoobery. Mattson lost to E. Deroche by a NC.

285- AJ Harris lost his first match to R. Leapaga by a tech fall 20-5. Harris lost by a decision 21-5 by W. Willsey.

285-Gabe Walker lost his first match J. Connors by a decision 6-3. He beat J. Vassey by a decision 5-2. He won by a major decision 16-3 to K. Lincoln. He lost his next round to S. Mattson by a fall 4:58.

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