Malta Dino Museum Holding Wine & Dino, Dino Symposium

MALTA, Mont. (NMB) – This weekend, the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum will be hosting their annual Wine & Dino event and a dinosaur symposium in Malta. Director of Paleontology Cary Woodruff says the 11th annual Wine & Dino event will take place Friday evening. On Saturday and Sunday, they will host the Judith River Formation Symposium.

“We have nineteen of the top, not just top paleontologists in the world, but top experts in the Judith River Formation, coming to just give talks to folks about the different lines of research that they’re doing. And so, this isn’t just like some big, you know, scientific-only event where it’s like only scientists can understand it with all the technical terms. You know, these paleontologists are very good at talking to just the general public.”

Woodruff says he encourages everyone who is interested to attend their symposium.

“The Symposium starts Saturday and Sunday at 10 o’clock each day, and usually we’ll run until about 4 or 5. The schedule, it’s not exactly even as far as the number of presenters each day. You know, we break for lunch and all that stuff. And, it’s just $5 per day. You know, we’re a museum, so we’re first and foremost an educational institution.”

The list of speakers includes Dr. Jack Horner. A full list of events is available at

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